As per your application, improper bolted joints can have profound consequences. A single loose bolt can bring a whole production plant to a standstill and cost a company and pose a significant threat to safety.

Bolt loosening can occur for various reasons? Speaking in Broader Terms; Bolted joints typically loosen for one or more of the following reasons: design errors, flawed or damaged fasteners, corrosion, inappropriate preload, incorrect assembly, or heavy vibrational loads.

Any pressurized bolted joint assembly can loosen; creating a safety hazard.

Typically; an average size Oil & Gas refinery will contain approximately up to 1, 00,000 bolted joints, all of which have the potential to leak and create a safety hazard to the refinery, the environment and could lead to potential loss of life.

YES, some leaks do result in a minor, low-risk incident, but others could lead to a catastrophic loss of life and assets, as well as major damage to the environment, within the local proximity of the plant.

There is a proven way to ensure Joint Integrity from these hazards. In simple words, controlled bolting service is the easiest way to maintain joint integrity for flanges.

Here are some important considerations before you choose how to maintain bolted joint integrity.

Questions about Functionality of the Bolt?

Can the bolt be reused, for example during planned maintenance or shutdown, or must it be discarded and replaced with new?

  • Examine the pitch for whether galling or threads have damages.
  • Determine the elasticity of the bolt (Use a new bolt if the old one is deformed i.e., enters in the plastic region)

Pro Tip: Read more about it in our article, how to determine whether the Bolts can be reused

Questions about Safety?

Bolt Tightening Procedures can be dangerous if safety procedures are not adhered to?

Pro Tip: Opting for an ECITB Training Approved Certified Technician will combine safe practices with efficient bolting practices to ensure Joint Integrity. A certified technician will make sure that safety parameters are adhered to at the highest level while maintaining the efficiency of the operation.


Questions about Cost?

The cost of purchasing or renting bolting tools is beneficial in the long run or the cost of a disaster lurking in the corner is higher? You Decide!

The cost of waiting around for a solution

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A fastener system like HYTORC Washer will not only eliminate the loosening of bolts but also provide reaction arm-free operations. It is an ideal solution for a problematic joint.

The award-winning anti-loosening system enhances better load delivery when torque is applied. The locking design has also been verified by the industry-standard Junker Test, which simulates the transverse forces that loosen the assembly.


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