As the headline suggests, one is always confused if it would be better to buy or hire bolting and onsite machining services. Apart from the economic aspect, there are multiple factors one needs to consider before taking a call. In this article, we will discuss what factors need to be taken under consideration before choosing to hire or buy.

First, let us discuss the factors involved in decision-making.

1. Which industry is it serving?

Every industry has a specific requirement and as requirements increase, so does the cost of the tool. For example, an oil and gas industry is looking for pipe cutting services. Now there are two types of pipe cutting machining services; hot and cold pipe cutting services. Hot cutting is laser cutting the pipe, which has the chance of generating spark. Therefore, oil and gas industries can only implement cold pipe cutting services. Since the cost of owning a cold cutting machine from a reputed manufacturer is too high, we normally recommend oil and gas industries to opt for hiring pipe cutters and pipe bevellers with manpower if they require the tool only for a limited number of applications.

2. What is the frequency of the requirement?

The most common reason that differentiates between buying and hiring any product is the frequency of use. Needless to say, if the job frequency is low, one opts for hiring bolting and machining services and when high, opts for buying the tool. For example, heavy machineries go under maintenance every two months, they require accurate bolting at least 6 times a year which makes buying a better option for them. However, structural bolting in construction of infrastructure requires a torque wrench or tensioning tools once, which makes hiring a better option for them.

3. What scope of tool are you looking for?

If all your applications are of the same size or near which can be maintained or repaired with a single tool, buying a tool is preferred rather than hiring. Similarly, if you require multiple tensioning tools and torque wrench or machining tools, it is not economic to buy. For example, some industries have pipes and flanges of various sizes that make hiring bolting and machining services a feasible option than buying the tool. Similarly, some industries like heavy machinery majorly have similar bolt size* applications which make buying a multiple tools of a single size range more economic.

4. Do you have the manpower to conduct the job?

Having the right manpower to do industrial maintenance jobs is very important as it involves the risks of injuries and a compulsion to get the job right the first time. As incorrect operation can lead to damaging the tool and application, it can lead to a huge economic loss. Therefore, maintenance jobs should be conducted by trained technicians.

5. Have the manpower but not the right tools?

If you do not possess the right tools nor the budget to buy a new tool for completing the job but have the skilled manpower, you can opt for our HYTORC tool rental program that offers customers torque wrenches up to 50301 Nm for both short and long term rental basis. The program not only offers the customer an opportunity to achieve precision bolting with HYTORC tool but also receive rental credits which can be redeemed on purchasing a new tool.

6. Is tool maintenance costing too much?

Tool maintenance involves calibration, auditing, and repair. If these costs are too high for the organization, it is economical to opt for hiring as these services eliminate all tool maintenance costs.

To reduce the cost of transportation involved and reduce loss of productivity due to the unavailability of a torque tool when calibration or repairs are required, ABS offers onsite maintenance services through its state-of-the-art Mobile Van.

How does controlled bolting and onsite machining services offered by ABS help customers?

We provide specialized onsite bolting and machining services like controlled bolting, cold pipe cutting, pipe beveling, flange facing, and blue matching, to name a few.

With a highly trained manpower, we have experience in serving market leaders from industries like Oil & Gas, Wind, Power, Bridges & Construction, Heavy Engineering, Steel, and Mining, to name a few.

Our diligent quality management system consists of international standards such as ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015, which ensures, quality and safety onsite.

We hope this article helped you analyze the parameters before choosing. Visit us next time for more knowledge sharing articles.