Calibrating torque wrenches and pressure gauges of hydraulic power packs improve the accuracy of the amount of torque applied on a given fastener. Calibration ensures that the torquing tool has applied the right amount of force to fasten a bolt accurately. Similarly, calibrating hydraulic pressure gauges of hydraulic power packs to ensure that the pump is providing the required pressure to the torqueing or bolt tensioning tool. As tools and pumps age, it may over-tighten or loosen fasteners, which can cause the bolt to deform or break. Therefore, Calibration helps maintain the accuracy and consistency of the tool and pump.

Why Calibrate?

  • To ensure that the tool is making persistent measurements.
  • To ensure the quality of the torque wrench and hydraulic power pack has not deteriorated and still maintains accuracy.
  • Ensure peak performance of the bolting tool and bolt tensioning tool pump, when operational.
  • To test a new product.
  • Ensure employee and plant safety.
  • To maintain industry and government standards.


When to Calibrate your Torquing Tool, Pressure Gauge? And How often?

  • Abide with the manufacturer’s recommendation of calibration to understand the frequency of calibration required.
  • Calibrate before starting any large scale projects/ new jobs which require heavy usage of your torquing tools.
  • Calibrate your tools after repairs or replacement of spares.
  • To meet certification standards.
  • Carry out a scheduled calibration frequently if tool and pump dependency is too high.
  • It is recommended that at least calibrate annually for safe operation.


Why Calibrate with ABS?

Optimize your tool performance and reliability through Advanced Bolting Solutions’ NABL accredited tool calibration services. We provide both in-house and onsite calibration services through our mobile van to ensure we meet our customer’s requirements.

Our in-house lab and mobile van are certified under ISO/IEC 170125, with tool calibration capacity up to 20000 Nm with NABL accreditation and 27000 Nm general calibration for Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Electric, Battery Operated, and Manual torquing tools, and for pressure gauges up to 2500 bar capacity.