With 20 years of experience in precision bolting and machining solutions, ABS takes pride in being an industry leader in providing specialized onsite machining services like torqueingtensioning, pipe beveling, cold cutting, and flange-facing to name a few.

Our services come with the best manpower, machine and methods that serve major industries including Oil & Gas, Wind, Power, Automobile Manufacturing & Assembly, Railways, Bridges & Construction, Heavy Engineering, Steel, Mining, Shipping, Defence and many more.

Our diligent quality management system consists of international standards such as ISO 9001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 and ISO/IEC 17025.

Following is a list of services we specialize in:

1. Controlled Bolting

A method of tightening fasteners at a known measurable value, which ensures the fasteners maintain joint-integrity. These services are conducted by either using torque wrenches or bolt tensioners to tighten the bolts. Our services torque nut sizes ranging from 32mm to 145mm, and tension stud sizes 1.5”-4”.


2. Cold Cutting & Pipe Beveling

It is an onsite machining service to cut and fabricate pipes for construction or maintenance purposes. Mainly used to cut corroding pipes and fabricate them to connect with a new pipe. To ensure safe and spark-free operation onsite, we only provide cold pipe cutting services. We serve pipe capacities ranging from 2” to 56” with thickness 4mm-85mm.


3. Flange Facing

Considered as a critical activity in plant maintenance processes, flange facing services help repair damaged flanges during construction, installation or from corrosion. These service makes the flange leak-proof and tight when assembled.


4. Nut Splitting

Nut splitting services are an efficient way to cut seized up nuts in a corroded environment. Our hydraulic nut splitting services cater to nut sizes ranging from 36mm to 110 mm. Nut splitting is a safe and spark-free job optimum for flammable environments.


5. Blue Matching

Blue Matching is an important process in infrastructure maintenance. It ensures the equipment is erected properly and sturdily. Our services are extended to all equipment dimensions.


With skilled manpower of 100+ crews, we have already provided more than 250,000 man-hours of service through our expertise in the industry. To ensure that we are always available for our customers, we provide annual rate contracts to standardize price for all services within the contract period.

This helps our customers from inflating service prices and deal without the hassle of negotiating. Our annual rate contracts also guarantee our availability of resources for your services anytime.