Bolting has evolved over the years, from manually Torquing bolts to now using power tools that help achieve controlled bolting effortlessly. Keeping up with developing times, HYTORC has found a solution to make bolting jobs easier with a simple fastener upgrade. In this article, we will talk about how the upgrade eliminates reaction arms from bolting tools and restricts the bolt from loosening.

Before we start, let us highlight some of the disadvantages of working with a reaction-arm. Reaction points are crucial to complete bolting jobs, it is impossible for a fastener to be tightened or loosened without a reaction point. However, the attachment does cause inconvenience in certain applications. For example, mining industries have applications that require a heavy reaction-arm attachment which causes inconvenience to the operator potentially leading to fatigue and loss in productivity. Less fatigue can directly result in more bolts being tightened. Similarly, reaction arms also expose the operator to risk of pinch point injuries.

Apart from safety and inconvenience, bolting with a reaction arm could potentially lead to inaccurate bolting by generating side load. To achieve consistent bolt load with a reaction arm, one must ensure that the reaction axis is parallel to the bolt axis and that the tool must be held perpendicular to the bolt and reaction axis. With modern torque wrenches, it is approximately perpendicular to the bolt axis as the tool tends to tilt. This changes the axis of the bolt and the bolt load which results in losses. These losses are known as side load which compromises joint integrity.

To avoid all the disadvantages mentioned above, HYTORC has developed the “Washer” technology which is a modern bolting solution to eliminate reaction arms. The patented HYTORC technology consists of an HYTORC Washer and a backup washer. When operating a HYTORC Washer, we use a dual layer socket where the outer layer of the socket holds on to the washer as a reaction point while the inner layer tightens the nut. The backup washer has knurls designed on both ends which hold on to the application and prevents it from rotating. Thus, proving that bolting jobs can be completed without a reaction-arm or backup wrench.

To further develop this technology, HYTORC recently launched the “J-Washer”. A similar fastener but with bolt anti-loosening properties that allows the bolt to remain tight even under dynamic load and vibrations which has been verified by the industry standard Junker’s test. This technology not only maintains the joint integrity of crucial applications like flanges, turbines, heavy machineries, and has significantly reduced maintenance or shutdown intervals.

As determined above, this simple upgrade reduces the tool set-up time, bolting operations, and enhances safety by eliminating reaction arms, and backup wrenches. As proven, the washers eliminate reaction arms to enhance accuracy with zero side load. The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) has also recommended the use of thru-hardened washers because it eliminates galling, provides a smooth nut bearing surface and offers a better load consistency in flanges.

We hope this article enlightened you about modern-age bolting technologies like HYTORC Washers. We are confident that this next-generation technology will help industries achieve precision bolting, reduce shutdown time, and intervals. Follow our space for regular updates on modern bolting tools and other knowledge sharing articles.