TensionPro with its highly qualified team of leaders and engineers brings in more than 100 years of combined design and technical experience in bolt tensioning. Led by bolt tension experts, Fred Heaton and Dave Metzger, TensionPros’ mission is to revolutionize the bolting world with innovative products delivered by the very best, customer-focused team.

Their exclusive collaboration with the ABS Group in India and the distributorship in the Middle East will open new markets for the brand, which has been making a global impact in the power generation, wind, oil and gas, and petrochemical industry.

TensionPro’s vision is to have a world with leak-free bolted joints and long-term bolted joint integrity to improve environment, safety and drive efficiency.

In addition to the special design & standard series of bolt tensioners, TensionPro provides equipment sales, repairs and refurbishment of competitor equipment, and spares replacement.

TensionPro offers tensioning tools through a wide spectrum of HTS tensioners to fit the standard flanges,multistage and single stage tensioners for high load applications, special designs for nonstandard applications, and sonar bolt measurement device. In addition TensionPro also offers hydraulic nuts, pumps, hoses and accessories.

What do TensionPro Tools offer?

The TensionPro Hydraulic Bolt Tensioners are quick and simple to use. Installed by hand in minutes, multiple tools are harnessed together to give IMPROVED SPEED for the bolt tightening process. The even joint compression ensures uniform bolt loading and gasket compression that gives superior bolted joint integrity.

The tensioners eliminates friction as a factor in achieving joint integrity, it also does away with torsional stress associated with torque wrenches when tightening the bolts.

It enables the operator to simultaneously tension all the bolts if needed to achieve a better gasket compression or joint seal.

What do their bolt tensioners offer?

As an early adopter of bolting technologies, Tension Pro integrates the highest standards of safety and quality in their tensioning tools. They offer customized solutions based on the customer’s requirements. Analysis and design are done based on the application, to recommend the best available tensioning tool.

Given below are some of the features incorporated into the TensionPro tensioners.

1. Over-stroke protection

Excess stroking causes leakages or failures. The over-stroke protection in Tension Pro bolt tensioners does not allow over stroking even if the operator tries to as it automatically shuts off stroking.

2. Max stroke indicator

Once maximum stroking is achieved the tensioner tool displays a visible ring to alert the operator.

3. Pressure Test Certification

All TensionPro tensioners are pressure tested as per the CE norms and certificates are issued along with the tensioners.

4. CE marked

All our equipment is CE marked and conforms to the requirements of the European Pressure Equipment Directive.

The latest technologies adopted:

1. Latest seal technology

With integrated latest seal technology, it helps improve the quality of the seal to narrow down the possibilities of failures and machine breakdowns.

2. High Cycle Life

All tools are tested at different pressure levels multiple times to guarantee a high cycle life.

3. Optimised load to weight ratio

Providing customized solutions based on customer’s requirements, tools are designed to offer maximum load in a light tool.

4. Long Life Performance

Tension Pro’s recent collaboration with ArmourMax makes its bolt tensioners’ one of the most durable tensioning tools in the industry. ArmourMax provides the tool anti-wear and anti-corrosion finish to enhance the life of the tool and reduce maintenance costs and downtime.

TensionPro tools incorporate the very latest technology seals, material and surface treatments to give the very highest standards of performance and quality.

TensionPro’s High-pressure testing capability & Computer Controlled Cyclic test rig ensures a failsafe product with high quality.

From multiple product testing to collaborating with other brands for quality assurance, Tension Pro is constantly adopting new technologies to improve the quality of products and services. Integrating the tool with the latest technology and robust material has also improved the life of the product to reduce maintenance costs. To know more about our products, visit us next time.