Today’s cordless tools will convey massive amounts of power and execution in a more compact package and can even outperform their corded predecessors. The run-times are getting longer and the charge times are getting shorter. One of the most important chapters in the history of torque tools was the introduction of lithium-ion technology to the industrial bolting industry. This introduction created a fundamental shift in torque tool technology that continues to have an impact on industrial work environments.

The most modern torque wrench developed in industrial bolting, a battery torque wrench offers maximum convenience as they don’t require pumps or compressed air for power. These tools work on lithium-ion batteries placed at the bottom of the tool and offer an accuracy of +/-5%. However, the battery torque wrench offers a lower maximum torque capacity as compared to hydraulic and pneumatic torque tools.

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Hytorc USA is the oldest and largest manufacturer of industrial bolting tools. With a global footprint, they are known for innovating technologies to consistently deliver safe, efficient, and robust tools. They are the only manufacturers to offer the widest range of torque wrenches.

LITHIUM SERIES II cordless electric torque wrench is one of the latest tools manufactured by RAD. This revolution in bolting technology has been redesigned from the ground up, with expanded functionality, greater durability and natural ease of use.

Here are some of the Top 8 Reasons for using LITHIUM SERIES II battery torque wrench.

1. Cordless

The primary feature of this tool type is that there are no cords to worry about. This enables the user to move about uninhibitedly and unhindered.

2. Less Equipment

Cartridges or batteries will frequently be the power source of the cordless tool, implying that there are less gears to carry. This implies the workspace is less packed and the job gets done equally fast.

3. Decrease in Work-Related Injuries Because of Cords

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) has long reported that slips, trips, and falls are a prevalent concern on job sites, accounting for more than one-third of all reported injuries. Trips occur when an obstruction catches a worker’s foot and causes him/her to stumble. One of the most common offenders of trips is cords from torque and power tools. Cordless tools have the advantage of freeing job sites from the nuisances of having to sweep cords to the side or string extension cables across the floor, vastly improving the hazards associated with trips, yet in addition to opening up more space for equipment.

4. Greater Durability

The nickel-plated all-aluminum housing incredibly improves corrosion resistance and overall durability. The all-new brushless motor has multiple times longer life than its predecessor. Gearboxes are upgraded for 20% more prominent strength and reliability. The incorporated rear cover shock guard absorbs impact protecting the display and buttons. Hall Effect trigger and directional switches increase dependability.

5. Intuitive Usability

The UI and menu structure is redesigned for convenience while presenting on a high-resolution display. The settings menu offers better control of user preferences. The expansion of job data management provides flexibility in verifying work performed. The standard Bluetooth wireless technology makes data acquisition and firmware upgrades easier than ever.

6. Operational Ease

The work light provided at the front of the tool and side handles further improve productivity and reduce fatigue respectively.

7. Long Battery Life

Run-time isn’t quite a bit of worry any longer when it comes to the HYTORC cordless electric torque wrench, the lithium series offers a 36V battery that can tighten up to 150 bolts per charge depending on the torque requirement and usage conditions. The transition to a more energy-dense battery means that users who use the tools extensively can now rely on fewer battery packs to get through a workday.

8. Faster Bolting

The dual-speed mode available makes completing a job easier and faster. The run-down mode offers speed in tightening a bolt while the torque mode enables you to accurately tighten the bolt as per the desired torque value.

9. Extensive Product line

The Lithium Series II comes in 5 models with torque outputs ranging from 200Nm to 6779 Nm and drive size options of ¾, 1 and 1 ½ inches.
The Lithium Series II will revolutionize how industrial companies that specialize in the EPC, Mining, Infrastructure and allied sectors utilize torque wrenches. The mobility and increased levels of productivity offered would make the cordless battery torque wrench, the most preferred solution. Get in touch with your nearest ABS regional representative to know more about HYTORC’s cordless electric torque wrench.