Bolted Joints are critical in all major industrial applications but quite often appropriate loading is miscalculated during the design to installation period and maintenance/ shutdown periods. Very often these bolts tend to loosen due to heavy vibrational impacts and loads.

The desired load needs to be applied on a bolted joint either through-bolt tensioners or torque wrenches during shutdown or servicing to tighten them and maintain joint integrity.

During maintenance; the same tool is used to tighten all bolts which is a tedious and time-consuming task; whereas bolt elongation measurement will save a lot of time.

Let me explain Why Bolt Elongation Measurement is critical for all industries:

Firstly, any complications or challenges with the bolts should be identified early on, otherwise, the resulting impact will affect your productivity and increase your costs while interfering with the overall business goals

Secondly, Ultrasonic Measurement is the most accurate technique to determine bolt pre-load / bolt elongation which is very crucial and adds immense value to your entire process whether it is during installations or maintenance/shutdowns:

Bolt Fixture Installation:

While following the controlled bolting procedure, a certain bolt load has to be achieved. It can be achieved either through torque tightening or bolt tensioners.

Measuring the exact load that has been achieved on bolts will verify the viability of the joint.

Maintenance / Shutdowns:

Determining the bolt elongation before any bolting process has a lot of benefits. By saving time in bolting processes, it enhances productivity and efficiency on-site. As plants incur huge losses during the shutdown, it is important to use modern technologies to minimize the time in completing bolting jobs by verifying and documenting the exact pre-load.

Why Ultrasonic Measurement??

The ultrasonic measurement technology of TensionPro Sonar improves quality by keeping a track of your bolt elongation over time through digital recording and transmission of data for future references.

By measuring the bolt elongation through ultrasonic measurement technique; it will help determine which bolts/fastener needs tightening and which does not; saving time on tool carrying, setup, and operations. It also saves on manpower costs. With the data recording feature, the plant can record, store, and monitor the elongation of every bolt and then take a call whether to bolt or not.

Now; Audit & Inspect your bolted connections in a faster & reliable way with the least count of 1micronUltrasonic Measurement Technique.

As an exclusive distributor of TensionPro in India, Advanced Bolting Solutions offers bolt elongation and load measurement services with the help of the TensionPro Sonar.

The service benefits our customers by saving on capital investment and maintenance costs. Allowing the customer to pay only when required, the stress-free service will measure the load and elongation of the desired number of bolts with the help of our bolting experts.

All the documented reports recorded will be provided immediately for future traceability.