With jacks developing over the years, multiple industries like infrastructure, construction, shipping, oil and gas use jacks for lifting equipment during installation and maintenance jobs. As the mentioned heavy industries require immense power, only a high-pressure system powered with hydraulics can be utilized. While a conventional jack is commonly seen operational in automobile garages and vehicles, hydraulic jack is powered by oil (hydraulics) in lifting heavy equipment with minimal labor effort. In this article, we will explain the working of jacks, and its growing role in the industries.

When we talk about the possibilities of using hydraulic jacks, the applications are endless as they can be involved in every industry to reduce manpower and enhance productivity. For example, we all know that infrastructure and construction industries require heavy machinery and building material to install projects, hydraulic jacks are used to move these building materials easily. This not only helps reduce job time nut also manpower involved.


How do hydraulic jacks work?

Hydraulic jacks work on the concept of fluid mechanics i.e. Pascal’s principal. In technical terms, a jack has two cylinders (one small and large) which is connected by an incompressible fluid. The pressure applied from one cylinder to another is transferred by the connecting fluid. Since, pressure is equal to force per unit area, the larger cylinder will experience a force multiplication effect. It means that even with the same pressure applied, the large cylinder will produce more force due to the area of the cylinder.
Pump plungers help the Hydraulic jacks move oil through two cylinders. The oil is drawn by the pump chamber upon opening the plunger which opens the internal suction valve ball. The cylinder builds pressure within when the plunger pushes ahead. This allows the oil moving through an external discharge check valve into the cylinder chamber, followed by the suction valve closing.

What do HiSTRONG hydraulic jacks offer?

Specialized in offering quality hydraulic tools like pumps and jacks, HiSTRONG offers a gamut of bottle jacks with pumps which can be powered electrically or by hand. Following are some of HiSTRONG’s unique features:

  • Customizable
    With a wide selection of cylinder design, capacity, and stroke to match the client’s requirement.
  • Robust build quality
    Built with robust components to meet all safety and quality standards, HiSTRONG jacks include durable components like plated pistons, stop rings, and aluminum/ steel body to offer a long life cycle.
  • Spring return
    In addition to the robust components, the steel plated spring offers fast and completed retraction after cycle, and also retains the tension longer. The long lasting spring further boosts the cylinder’s life.
  • Multiple fixtures
    Internal plunger threads and threaded collars can bear full loading allowing maximum flexibility in fixturing.
  • Piston Blow-Out Protection
    The positive stop in a cylinder avoids over stroking of the piston. This feature adds to HiSTRONG cylinder’s strength and safety.
  • Contamination protection
    During retraction, the rod wiper cleans the rod surface protecting the inner cylinder from dirt, moisture, and other contaminants that reduces the strength of the piston stroke.
  • Protection from corrosion and contaminations
    Majority of the HiSTRONG cylinders have black nitride finish. Specially, all aluminum series cylinders have hard anodized finish which protects the jacks against moisture and other contaminations.
  • International standards compliance
    HiSTRONG complies with ANSI/ASME 830.1 to offer customer assurance and quality jacks.With the importance of Hydraulic jacks rising in multiple industries, HiSTRONG offers high quality and robust hydraulic jacks which can enhance productivity and reduce time. Visit us next time to know more about high-pressure system like jacks.