Liquid booster pumps are nothing but a classification of a high pressure system. Liquid booster pumps are high pressure systems that increase the pressure of liquid above normal pressure. These pumps are also used to transfer high pressure liquids without contaminating them.This article we will be talking more about the various aspects of liquid booster pumps like their applications, pressure, liquids transferable, HPUs, and what Hydratron offers.

Hydratron manufactures a wide range of hand operated and air driven liquid pumps that are capable of developing pressures in excess of 3,100 bar i.e. 45,000psi. This high pressure system is capable of transferring or boosting liquids like water, oil, water/glycol and many other chemical fluids. Following are the features of Hydratron Liquid Pumps.




  • Without consuming power or generating heat, the liquid booster has the ability to stall at a fixed pressure and hold this predetermined pressure.
  • Eliminates the risk of flame or spark.
  • Infinitely variable speed/output flowrate control.
  • Infinitely variable output pressure control.
  • Simple to use automatic controls.
  • Upgrade available to standard models for oil or water applications.
  • For chemical applications, an X-type Isolation chamber is available.


What are HPUs?

The Hydratron range of Standard Hydraulic Power Units (HPUs) offers solution to thecustomers looking for a complete engineered and user-friendly Liquid Pump systems. These high pressure systems are powered byair, hand,electric, and fuel.

It is designed to offer simpler connectivity to the inlet and outlet ports. On requirement, the high pressure system offers the customer the possibilityof installing additional instrumentation that includestroke counters, pressure transducers, and chart recorders. Also, integration of on-board tanks is possible if required.


What are their applications and what liquids are transferred?

Liquid booster pumps are normally used in low contaminated water systems or applications.This classifies them into multiple industries namely commercial, military, and municipal applications. They are also used in large scale industries like mining, food processing, and aerospace. As liquid booster pumps can transfervarious types of liquids,while someliquid high pressure system pumps use abrasive, combustible, acidic or corrosive materials,others use sewage, salt water, wastewater, ash, sludge, or rendering wastes from food processing industries.

Additionally, liquid metal and liquids with solids (slurry) are used to increase the pressure of the system. Based on the application, other liquidslike gasoline, oil, chemicals, coolants, diesel fuel,and lubricants. Liquid booster pumps are made of robust materials that include bronze, aluminum, cast iron, brass, stainless steel, or plastic. The power sources either include DC or AC voltage; hydraulic or pneumatic systems; natural gas, diesel fuel, or gasoline.

Booster pumps include a rotor assembly/ pump stator that is installed either horizontally or vertically, depending on the placement of the media.

Why opt for Hydratron’sHigh Pressure System Liquid Booster Pump?

Widely recognized for its ability to create innovative high-quality solutions that provide performance assurance, Hydratron is a trusted manufacturer of high pressure systems and flow control equipment that can accommodate requirements up to 100,000psi. As an ISO9001 certified business, they assure their customers high quality standard products.

We hope this article has provided you an insight on what liquid booster pumps are designed, its application, features and many more. Visit us next time for more knowledge sharing articles.