What is Pipe Cutting and Beveling?

As the name suggests, pipe cutting is an onsite machining process that cuts pipe to ensure it is ready for welding to be connected with a new pipe. It also helps service a corroding pipe. We use cold cutting techniques to ensure work can be carried out in a flame-proof setting during plant maintenance or shutdown.

Considered to be a finishing job, beveling is the process that helps the pipe to be ergonomically positioned to be connected with a new pipe. It changes the sharp-cut open edges to a smoother edge for safer handling.


Why Use Automated Pipe Cutting/ Beveling Tools?

In comparison to traditional tools;

  • Using automated pipe cutting and beveling tools saves time and provides more accurate results consistently.
  • It avoids the human error caused ergonomic issues
  • It is safer to operate and requires less manpower
  • Cuts and Bevels materials that cannot be torched to ensure fire safety


Where Are They Used?

  • Pipe – severing and squaring
  • Flange re-surfacing
  • Desalination plant pipe severing & beveling
  • Counterbore machining
  • Food processing plant pipe severing & beveling
  • Airport fuel line piping repair
  • Industrial pipe replacement
  • OD Shaft turning
  • Weld cap removal
  • Cutting/Machining HDPE piping
  • Trepanning
  • Casing abandonments
  • Offshore caisson cutting
  • Pipe grooving
  • Pipeline distribution
  • Decommissioning
  • Valve replacement
  • Vessel machining
  • Municipality water lines


Why Choose Pipe Cutting and Beveling Services Over Purchasing the Tools?

Pipe cold cutting and beveling tools from reputed manufacturers are expensive and require a certain amount of technician skill to operate safely. Experienced and skilled technicians are capable of maximizing productivity on the job.


What Types of Beveling Do We Offer?

We offer different types of pipe and tube beveling services including J prep bevel, I.D. bevel reamer, fin removal, ID rifling removal, tube stub removal, hand hole cap removal, multi-prep cut and many more.


What are the Power Options Available with Us?

Pipe cutting and beveling can be hydraulically, pneumatically or electrically powered systems based on the requirement of the end customer.


Does ABS offer Cold Cutting and Beveling Services?

Yes. We offer cold cutting and beveling services in the diameter range of 2”–56”.

Read more in our Specialized Services section.


Why Should You Go for ABS Onsite Machining Services?

Being an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 certified company, maintaining high levels of service standards is a part of our DNA. With our technicians on the job, you can be assured of the quality and safety of the services provided. Our crew of over 150 technicians is experienced in working during shutdowns, maintenance, and other turnkey projects. We also ensure the following quality and safety guidelines on-site:


  • Manpower Safety

Ensuring the safety of the supervisors and our service technicians is our priority. We ensure supervisors are aware of how to tackle on-site machining hazards like fire and injury. An HSE induction is provided to every technician on the job to ensure they are always alert on-site.

  • Workplace Safety

We conduct a safety audit on-site to assess the risks involved in working on-site. For example, working in confined spaces and heights can lead to injury, assessing the risk and taking proper measures will ensure the job is conducted safely and swiftly.

  • Tool Safety

Optimum tool health reduces the risk of malfunction. We regularlycalibrate and audit our pipe cutting and beveling tools, thus maintaining maximum productivity.